The Trendy Fashion Feather Earrings in 2011

Published: 23rd August 2011
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Recently, there are a lot of different kinds of fashion earrings in the jewelry market. Maybe you can be aware of the statement fashion feather earrings are very popular by the strong personality group.

Remember those long, stunning fashion feather earrings featured in The Neat Sheet around Thanksgiving? You know, the slightly punky statement earrings by Portland-based Owlita jewelry designer Ashley Doty. The earrings so gritty and glamorous they were snapped up by movie stylists to be worn by Kim Cattrall in the upcoming Sex and the City II. Yeah, those ones.

The super-long feather earrings are the typical style of statement fashion feather earrings. They look great with short hairstyles and dress up pretty much any outfit. They aren't for the shy, but it's much more fun to make a statement than to be a shrinking violet, anyway.

The punk style statement fashion feather earrings are fit for your exaggerated clothes and they are the perfect accessory for you to go to the night pub.

Maybe in each girl's deep heart, there lives a peacock which makes you beautiful, confident and even proud. This kind of pride in your heart is the source of your feminine elegance and confidence. Have you noticed the peacock feather accessories? Just hinted by a pair of feathery footwear, I am eager to find some feathery accessories and I found these stunning peacock feather earrings. I just can't believe my eyes when I see them! The wonderful design makes the feathery earrings just like graceful peacocks! At the same time, all of them are delivering a unique flair from the exotic world.

Now, both the trimmed and untrimmed peacock feathers have been used in the design of earrings. Different color designs and styles are available for us to make choice. The unique nature of the peacock feather and the special colors all show natural beauty and elegance.

The chic feather earrings are in lightweight that easy for wearring. Just imagine wearing your hair in a bun or any hair style that can show your face and ears perfectly, do some simple makeup, and put on one pair of peacock feather earrings. Try a dress which is in an exotic style and see, you must be the most gorgeous one among all people around you!

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